This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by graphic designer, product designer, content creator and Twitch streamer, Kelly Jepsen, a.k.a. FPS_Kelly.

A designer by day and streamer by night, Kelly is a perfect example of not only building a career out of your passion, but building it into your hobbies and side-hustles too. Kelly takes his experience and knowledge of design and balances it with his love of gaming to create his Twitch and YouTube channels that are an amazing combination of both.

In this amazing episode, we talk about the process of starting small and iteratively growing your brand, using design principles to approach your brand, how putting yourself out there can pay off, and so much more!

Hey everybody and welcome back to this week’s episode of Brand Your Passion. I am very excited to be joined by Kelly Jepsen today. Welcome to the show!

We know each other on Twitter and have been connected online, but I don’t really know a bunch about your story and a lot of the people listening potentially won’t either. Do you want to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

Sure! So I’m Kelly and currently I work at Shopify. For those people who don’t know what Shopify is, they are basically an e-commerce platform…

For so many of us as creatives, it’s your dream to put your work out there online, share it with the world and have people buy the product you’ve lovingly made with your amazing creativity. When someone does buy from you, it’s the best feeling in the world, so a lot of us either have an online store already or are dreaming of starting one!

Today, I’m giving you all the tips and tricks to start, build and launch your online store. …

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by product designer and side hustle extraordinaire, Femke van Schoonhoven.

Femke is a full-time product designer who shares her journey and knowledge of product design through a variety of side projects, including her YouTube channel and podcast. Fem is passionate about taking the lessons from her own journey to inspire the next generation of designers.

In this amazing episode, we talk about finding your way in a creative career, achieving growth by pursuing new experiences, setting up your side projects for success, and so much more!

Hey everybody and welcome back to this week’s episode of Brand Your Passion. I’m super excited today because I’m joined by my wonderful friend, Femke. Welcome to the show Fem!

Hello hello, I’m so excited to be here!

Do you want to introduce yourself a little bit and tell the people what it is that you do?

Hello everybody. My name is Fem and I’m a product designer. I’m based in Toronto, Canada, though I am a Kiwi and do hail from New Zealand. I’ve worked full-time as a product designer at Uber Eats for a few years now, but…

We all know how exciting it is to receive a package — one where the unboxing experience is amazing and you just want to share it with everyone.

When it comes to branding your packaging, you might think that people only really care about the product that’s inside — and yes, your products are amazing, valuable and beautiful all on their own! But branding your packaging is going to help elevate that special experience around your product.

I want to help you create that experience for your own products and make sure that your packaging is on point so that…

“Branding is the subtotal of all the experiences your customers have with your business.”

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you’ve probably heard this quote by Brian Eisenberg. In fact, it was featured in one of the first blog posts I ever wrote about branding. So there’s your first clue that it’s a pretty powerful statement!

The key in that quote is “ALL the experiences”. Branding isn’t just about your website, your Instagram or your logo — it’s about ALL of the experiences that someone has with your business and how they come together to create your brand’s reputation…

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by writer, designer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the podcast Design Matters, Debbie Millman!

Debbie is a branding expert and creative, and has been named “one of the most creative people in business” by Fast Company, as well as “one of the most influential designers working today” by Graphic Design USA.

In this amazing episode, we talk about the pressure to “make it” in your twenties, how the best opportunities can come from the worst moments, and the oxymoron of personal branding . Plus so much more!

Hey everybody and welcome back to this week’s episode of Brand Your Passion. I am super excited and it is my honour this week to be joined by branding legend and creative, Debbie Millman. Welcome to the show Debbie!

Thank you Hollie, it’s really, really nice to be here. Thank you so much.

You are so welcome! It is obviously my massive honour to have you on the show. And I am obviously dying to hear your branding expertise for the creatives who are listening to this episode, but I also am really excited to hear about your own creative…

When you’re a creative on social media, it can be really easy to compare your brand to other people’s, especially when there are so many other amazing, talented creatives out there! It’s exciting to see them succeed, but it can also be hard to see that sometimes if you feel like you’re not quite there yet.

Comparing yourself to other creatives can stop you from putting your work out there and experiencing the joy of creating, which is the last thing you want! …

As a solo creative selling your own work, you are your brand. You are often the sole person behind everything that you do — your marketing, your products, your services. You are the visionary and the creative force behind what you do.

When people follow your brand, engage with you, buy from you or support you, they are here for you. They’re here for your work and your story. They love your personality, they connect with your values, they’re on board with your vision and mission, they’re all about your creativity and they’re inspired by what it is that you…

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by artist, illustrator and Twitch streamer, Pepper Raccoon.

Pepper is a digital and ink illustrator who creates original artwork and merch for sale on her online store, as well as running a commercial consultancy for illustration. Pepper believes that art should be accessible for everyone, and streaming her art on Twitch is one of the creative ways she shares this!

In this amazing episode, we talk about how to transform your creativity into a business, finding and embracing your brand, building a community whilst staying true to your passion, and so much more!

If you’re going to be designing the visuals for your own brand, you’re not alone! When you’re getting started as a creative, it’s not always possible to hire a brand designer to help you, so it’s super common to design your own!

Designing your own graphics is easy enough if you are a designer or have some design experience, but if not, it can be a challenge to take that on. But although it’s sometimes a necessity, it doesn’t need to stop you from putting your work into the world and sharing your content with your audience!

Whether you feel…

Hollie Arnett

Design addict, typography nerd, hand lettering lover and branding boss. Living the dream running my one-woman studio @blckwhstudios 🖤

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